Revlon - Uniq one hair treatment

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Uniq One Revlon - All-in-One Hair Treatment

Improve the health of your hair

Revlon professional Uniq One treatment is a unique concept in hair care providing 10 benefits and suitable for all hair types, controls shine and frizz as well as enhanced color protection thanks to UVA / UVB protection. The solution provided by countless products is now available in just one with the Uniq One treatment, generating silky soft hair with body as well as volume.

Uniq One Revlon is a highly demanded hair treatment as it detangles and improves styling possibilities by making it easier to manage. A single product to repair dry and damaged hair presented in a spray that also works to prevent split ends.

10 Benefits of Uniq One in a single treatment

1- Repairs the hair and protects it against dryness.

Hair withstands minor abuses like frequent washing, dyeing, blow-drying, and straightening without complaint. But even the most resistant hair can reach a point of no return and face reality by making us see that hair is not indestructible. Uniq 1 Revlon your best weapon. Repairs damage and allows you to enjoy healthy and silky hair in no time.

2- Anti frizz

The use of the dryer at very high temperatures, the abusive use of the hair straightener or very frequent bleaching. Whatever the origin of the problem, the hair cuticle is rough and its structure is not as smooth as we would like. To help you make order reign in your head, we present you where to buy Uniq One Revlon, here

3- Thermal protection

It is important that you include Revlon One in your hair care routine if you usually use a dryer, straighteners, tongs, etc. For hair, a thermal protector is important as it helps maintain moisture by blocking excess temperature inside of the hair fibres, keeping moisture in better, making it break less. In addition, the dehydration of the hair causes frizzy hair in most cases.

4- It will provide softness and silky hair

How would you describe your hair? You would use words like brittle, damaged, dull, or horrible. All you need is volume, hydration and love. By nature, the cuticles that cover each hair are finished smooth to create an even surface that reflects light. This smooth layer is altered in damaged hair, the cuticles do not naturally form the smooth surface. The outer layer of the cuticle is the one that reflects light. As a result, damaged hair looks dull and lifeless. The Unique One treatment provides the right hair care to provide vitality and softness to your hair.

5- Protect the tone of your hair, with UV and UVB 6 filters

The sun is the main responsible for the discoloration and lightening of hair, both natural and dyed. Ultraviolet rays (UV) have an oxidizing action that acts on keratin and melanin pigments, lightening the tone. However, this discoloration is only the visible part of the damage that UV does in depth. Light hair, with less melanin (blonds, whites) suffer more than dark hair, which contains more pigment. Fine, dry or sensitized hair is also more exposed. Protect it with this Revlon product

6- Facilitates blow-drying and the use of the iron

Technology is also put at the service of straightening, since with Revlon unique one you will be able to define the style while taking care of the health of your hair. It is able to maintain a constant temperature that reduces static electricity and achieves a shiny, smooth and silky finish. It allows a greater respect of essential oils and natural minerals of the hair.

7- With detangling effect

Closely related to the previous point, this product provides the necessary hydration and elasticity for each hair. Within minutes of being applied, it employs a spectacular detangling and reconstructive action even on the toughest hair types.

8- Provides body and volume

We know: you want more volume in your hair. It is what we all want, full-bodied, thick, strong hair that gives a resounding image and, why not say it, young. And even more so if you have fine hair. With this treatment, it nourishes and strengthens the hair from the roots to the ends without weighing it down, giving your hair body and volume.

9- prevents and cares for split ends

According to specialists, losing between 50 and 80 hairs a day is absolutely normal, however, in autumn –and also in spring– that number is very likely to fall short and many more hairs fall out. It is about seasonal hair loss. Although it is a seasonal fall, surely you want to know how to prevent it and achieve stronger hair and minimal fall. Revlon One is your product.

10- Keeps the hairstyle longer

Various products can be used to build and fix your hairstyle or simply add movement. To optimize its effectiveness, it is important to know which one to choose and how to use it so that your hairstyle lasts as long as possible. It is important not to apply too much or not to localize the product too much so as not to have small parts fixed and others not!

A pyramid of fragrance

Don't worry about odours, an intense, fresh and natural fragrance surrounds the hair with this treatment, since in addition to its many benefits, it provides a unique sensory experience.

The base of this pyramid of fragrances is built on a base of solids such as patchouli (essential oils obtained through the leaves of the plant of the same name) combined with the freshness of cedar wood and the delicious aroma of raspberry.

As for the heart of the treatment, it is made up of floral notes thanks to the jasmine flower given by sweet orange and lily of the valley, together with the exoticism of peony.

The strongest notes of this treatment fragrance are fruity, combining the distinctive citrus scent of bergamot with the freshness of pineapple and the scent of green apple and pear.

Uniq One is easy to use

On damp hair:

  1.        Spray from a distance of about 20 cm from the hair.
  2.        Untangle the hair with a comb.
  3.        Finish with your usual style: blow dry, flat iron, or air dry.

It is convenient to know how to use well the products that are presented in spray format according to the length of the hair: For long hair it is recommended 10-15 sprays, medium hair requires 7-12 sprays and short hair about 6-8 sprays.

On dry hair:

  1.        Spray on the palm of the hand.
  2.        Rub the product between your hands and apply to hair from mid-lengths to ends
  3.        If necessary, you can add a little more product and repeat the process.

According to various studies, 8 out of 10 women choose Uniq One and now you have this Revlon product available in makeup.