Dermacol - Acne Clear Jojoba Face Peeling

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Dermacol - Acne Clear Jojoba Face Peeling 

The successful Acneclear line is followed by another product designated for oily and problematic skin – face peeling. Jojoba Face Peeling cleanses your skin while taking care of it at the same time. It provides a balanced combination of solid cellulose particles, jojoba oil, salicylic acid,

Australian tea tree oil and Zincodine, an ingredient that regulates the formation of sebum. Thanks to its exfoliating properties, it effectively eliminates dead skin cells and intensively cleanses pores and the skin, which helps reduce the signs of acne and generally improved the skin´s appearance.

Contains: 150 ml

Skin type: Problematic skin

Cruelty Free

UseUse as needed, ideally once to twice a week. Apply onto a wet face and using circular motions, massage into your skin. Avoid the eye area. Rinse and apply the Acneclear moisturizing cream.