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Sleek in Maquilleo, your shop for makeup online cheap

With more than 20 years in the beauty industry, Sleek MakeUP has built a loyal following thanks to the quality of their makeup products and keep close track of the best trends of the fashion. With a line of makeup cheap but always innovative and of superior performance, with strong pigmentation and high quality in all its products.

The makeup of this brand understands skin tones and opens a range of opportunities between the range of light skin and makeup for dark skins. They know what we like to look good and feel good in our own skin, that have prestige products and at affordable prices.

Maquilleo, your online shop makeup cheap, brings you a wide range of products, because to us it is the first to which we love to be able to have the quality in one click.
Has been able to forge as anyone a union among the makeup professionals and enthusiasts of the beauty in the world, with makeup products that aim to make the latest makeup trends are accessible and can adapt to any style.

Before you could only buy Sleek Makeup if traveling to London. Luckily now you can buy it in Maquilleo for very little. The products from Sleek MakeUp are a great ally for your beauty, because they are synonymous with great results at affordable prices. Some of the star product are the palettes of shadow Sleek iDivine Storm and Au Naturel, as some of you to know.

In Maquilleo always get the best products with an unbeatable quality-price ratio, so Sleek is one of our girls pampered. Since he came, we brought their best collections, both permanent and limited editions that you can't lose.

The number of shades that you can find is almost infinite and will always be adding new and fantastic colors. It is not surprising that these palettes are one of the most famous products of the brand. In every beauty junkie there is a desire, and that is to have all the palettes from Sleek!.

But this wonderful makeup brand not only has palettes of shadows. And does well all that is proposed. Makeup of eyes, lips, nails and skin products are some of their great deals. The lipstick True to Color, the nail polishes Polish Nailed and shadow Eye Dust have proven to be great products, and the collection is growing every day.

Unlike many other brands of cosmetics, Sleek offers a wide selection of products for the skin more brown. For example The Foundation, the Base Duo Kit is for example in 15 different colors. For almost all skin types with finishes of incredible.

Sleek is one of the preferred brands of many for three reasons: The price, the conscience to do products for girls with the darkest skin and the great pigmentation and quality of its products along all the years. Something important also is that the products are very stylish and come in containers easy to carry. You do a small summary of four of their great products.

Pre bases

Control Shine & Prime creates a base smooth and matte for a radiant finish all day, the lightweight formula primes skin perfectly for makeup application so flawless with a velvety texture that minimizes the appearance of pores of the skin.

This makeup primer blends perfectly with your skin tone and controls the shine. In addition, its oil-free formula gets a light texture, it is also free of congratulations, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, fragrance-free and gluten-free.
To achieve an effect radiating only have to apply the pre-ase with the fingers or with a brush to the face before you apply your makeup conventional.


their bold colors of the blushes and palettes of blushers makeUP get a flawless finish in various shades. You can play with the blush; Blush to be of a single color, with palettes Blush3 that combine complementary colours or the palette of shadows and blush; Eye&Cheek to balance perfectly the eye shadow with the color of your face and cheeks.
Each color is designed with its own finish characteristic reflexes with rich or matt intense. Play with combinations of colors that you like and give color to both day and night with the Blush.

Contouring or contour of the face

The contour of the face, elements of multi-tasking such as the powder, contouring, highlighter, blush or to give hints of bronze. The makeup kits of definition of face more innovative in a compact format and tone intended to suit any skin tone. The contour of the face Light is ideal for light skin tones. The contours of the face, Light come with powder, contouring, highlighter, or illuminator and blush. The contour of face tune in the middle comes with contouring, highlighter, or illuminator, and bronze, for a tone to sun kissed.


All of their eyeliners are going to give you a great result of high pigmentation and long lasting.

In Maquilleo you have the eyeliner Ink Pot to get a defined line with intense gel formula black high pigmentation. Your presentation in the little pot is very innovative and allows you to have a slipped soft and no flakes, no stains and without leaving the site.
A perfect test to keep your look perfect all day.

Palette of shadows

The iDivine Del Mar Vol I and II capture the relaxed settings and also euphoric days and nights of summer and reflects an impressive sunset on some island paradise. Are characteristic of these collections, the bright pastel shades of blue along with tones of peach and canary yellow. This color combination adds an element of style to this palette of eye shadows fresh and vibrant.

Also includes a dark-colored matte ideal for definition or perfecting a smoky eye classic.


Eyebrow Stylist combines a pencil at an angle, one end with a estilizador and a brush in the other to prepare the eyebrows. The innovative tip calligraphy of this brush for eyebrows get strokes are made to measure from fine to thick depending on your style of outlined and filled in. Its rich creamy formula is matte and velvety smooth for a natural look long-lasting.

Its unique shape allows you to sculpt the eyebrows with broad strokes using the flat edge of the pencil, as well as fill in with fine lines using the part of the tip.


And we come to the most striking. You have a great selection of makeup for the lips, from matt finishes to vibrant brightness and format, lipstick, cream, liquids, palettes, or eyeliners.

Enjoy all the options that this brand has chosen for you, you have all the styles to choose from and all in Maquilleo.

Here is a small selection of all the opportunities of makeup cheap that you can find in Maquilleo.