Welcome to the section of makeup eyes of maquilleo

In it you'll find everything related not only with the products most suited to that look a look beautiful always, also to keep it healthy with the best care and treatments at the best price. By end eye makeup cheap of high quality.

Because as you know the eyes are the mirror of the soul. And it is true that in many cases can reveal many things to us. Now, you just have to decide what look you want and choose the best products for your eyes. Sexy, aggressive, romantic, nostalgic? Enjoy choosing!

Now. To help you decide let's make a small summary of the main types of eyes, small, but knowing in which you fit into, you'll know how you need to make up your eyes.

If you have almond-shaped eyes you're out of luck, because they are very common in this part of the world and in addition almost any type of eye makeup will look good.


Eyes small and without folds in the eyelids, they are very nice but you have to choose an eye makeup right. We will try to make it appear that they are larger.


They are not really sunken in of course, but the lid in its external part tends to be greater than in the inner part, and makes this effect, with the eye make up suitable them to give you both brightness and highlight.


If it appears that your eyelid will weighs over the eye while you open the best thing is that we find the balance eyelid-eye thanks to the makeup.


Having large eyes is almost always a virtue. With the eye makeup you can get two things, that is empequeñezcan a little or look bigger still. You have the choice.


It is clear, if you have a look small the eye makeup is going to help you to get your look larger. The result can be spectacular.


If this is your case, the eye makeup is going to help you to achieve an effect of balance between your look and the rest of the face.


Taking “eye” as a measure unit is considered to have the eyes close when the distance between them is less of an 'eye'.


Same thing but the other way around. It is a matter of proportions. The eye makeup will help a lot to balance the sensations.



Of course, almost no one fits completely into this categorization of eye but is a mixture. So you just have to find out what type of eyes you have more and begin to know what you need.
In Maquilleo you have a lot of options to highlight your look.

Primers and pre bases for shadows
The best thing to look look radiant is the beginning. Apply a good primer or a primer before the eye makeup is a great option for your eye shadow lasts much longer and stays perfect all night. It balances the tone of your face before you apply your makeup the eyes and start with a good base.


Eye shadows
The category of eye shadows of maquilleo is a whole world. A wide range of colors in powder or cream, in different formats, in different finishes but all great and the best price. So start your collection of colour and each day of a color. With these prices you can afford thousand options of eye makeup. Choose if you want to loose, or in a great palette and fill your look of color.


If you thought that the eyeliners were limited to black, forget it. Rediscover a whole new category. The pen is redefined and appears in the form of eye shadow in format jumbo pencil, or finishes waterproof, matte, glitter, green, blue, or pink. Whatever you want to. Say goodbye to the pencil just black!


Brush fino, in cream, liquid, waterproof, or up to pen. Seem the same but it only takes you a turn by the category of eyeliners to realize that there are minimal differences that make them make-up radically different. Each liner has a number of features and a different finish, but quiet with these prices you can try them all.


Masks tabs
The masks of tabs maquilleo you offer a lot of possibilities. Lashes longer and more voluminous, denser, without weighing down the lashes, and of course with no lumps. That is not to move the mask or you'll spoil the makeup making it appear that you have dark circles, long lasting, easy to clean and will not stain the eyelid when applying it... there Are many things that you can ask for a mascara at the time of making-up the eyes. Here you have them all.


False eyelashes
Masks tabs are all very well, but can't have it all. There are things that can't get. As a pestañones amazing or tabs are accented at the end of the eyelids, or in zigzag. If you want to achieve a magical effect on your eyelashes, the best option is fake eyelashes. You have a bunch of models and everything you need to apply them perfectly and dazzle us with each blink. Fluttering butterfly when you open and close the eyes.


Of course, I could not miss. They have often been the great forgotten of eye makeup, but that's it. You have to choose from. An eyebrow pencil professional, a set of colors for the brows, or lifts and even hair gel. The eyebrows are a great point of expression in the face. Take care of everything down to the last detail!


Creams and treatments
In maquilleo have a great selection of eye makeup, but for us it makes no sense to make up eyes without a care for them. That is why you have our section creams and eye treatments for which you care to look beyond the makeup. From contours of eyes with caviar until pearls of retinol. For the eye makeup serve to highlight even more your natural beauty.


You come home, it has been a night great, all eyes set on you, and especially your eyes. All the love and care that you've had to apply makeup to the eyes is that you have to be to take your makeup off at. We have eight subcategories within eyes, so that desmaquillártelos yes it is necessary. Choose between the desmaquillantes for the eyes that we have in maquilleo and gently removes your eye makeup while leaving the skin ready waiting already for the next session!